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Credibility Rating

I sat down for the latest round of Project Cleanup, wherein I list all of my unfinished projects in an attempt to clear some of them away. Ever do that? I know people (hi, Mom) who would require pages to list their started but incomplete projects.

Let’s be honest. Starting is fun. Finishing is hard. I’ve been forced to learn finishing via my primary income vocation. If you are lucky enough to work in a deadline-driven industry then you have been drafted into the Finisher’s Reserves. A surprising number of people never learn the skill of wrapping up a project.

Still, I have unfinished projects. Some are sitting, waiting on resources. For example, I have a couple of airbrush painting projects but I needed a new compressor (busted piston rod) and a new medium head. I got the new compressor from Santa and tried to finish without the new head but it actually made things worse, so now I get to strip the paint off and start over.

Finishing a project provides a huge emotional response, even if the project is no more inspiring than to keep the blackberries from taking over (more of) the back yard. Finishing is a relief, a release. I can’t finish a project without a monster-sized sigh of relief.

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